Building Update

Groundbreaking Ceremony of the new building on Tom Miller Rd.

February 12, 2010


The Capital Campaign for the "Home for Hospice" has begun! The following press release was sent to local papers:

PLATTSBURGH – Hospice of the North Country (HONC) is launching a capital campaign designed to underwrite the costs of building and occupying a permanent residence now under construction here on the Tom Miller Road.

Under the banner, “Home for Hospice,” and headed by an all-volunteer committee of regional citizens, the one-time fund drive now under way is seeking $500,000 to complete the 3,500-square-foot structure in time for use by early spring of this year.  A secondary, but no less important goal, is to leave the organization with no mortgage burden.

A fixture in Clinton and northern Franklin counties for nearly 20 years, HONC exists to provide high-quality, compassionate end-of-life care to patients and families dealing with terminal illness.  Prior to this initiative, the HONC staff in Clinton County has never had a fixed base of operations.

“We’re off to a great start,” declared Kent Brooks, HONC’s chief executive officer.  “Thanks to the generosity of a local property owner, we were able to acquire the site at one-half fair market value.  Thereafter, building supply merchants and contractors stepped forward to provide some materials and the labor we needed to begin construction.

“However,” Brooks added, “the bills are piling up as the project moves forward, and it is clear that we are far short of the amount required to end it successfully.  The friends who are spearheading this campaign believe that HONC deserves to be free of most debt when its new home opens.  They want HONC to continue to devote the lion’s share of its operating budget to improving services and helping more patients.”

The Home for Hospice campaign will consist of a direct-mail appeal to more than 10,000 community residents and supporters along with an educational effort involving media assistance and presentations to civic, fraternal and religious groups.  It ends on May 1.

“We are very much aware that we have plenty of competition for donor dollars at the present time from a variety of worthy charities,” Brooks continued, “but this effort cannot be delayed for obvious reasons.  HONC is putting its faith in the people of the North Country -- whose benevolence is renowned -- with the knowledge that our services and reputation are both widely known and genuinely appreciated by most.”

HONC has provided no-cost, end-of-life care to more than 2,700 patients since its establishment in 1991.  Its nurses specialize in pain care and symptom management.  They take samples for lab analysis, oversee medical and supply needs, intervene with personal care, education and around-the clock RN support when needed, and help to coordinate funeral home arrangements at time of death. 

Of 266 patients served regionally in the last 12 months, 62 percent were from Clinton County and 38 percent were from Franklin County.  Slightly more than one-half of Hospice patients suffer from cancer.  The rest endure end-of-life illnesses ranging from heart disease, lung disease and dementia to stroke, liver and kidney disease and end stage debility and decline.


Please click the links below to view our letter of appeal for this fundraising event and our agency fact sheet.

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